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Ansys Simulation Challenge

Simulation helps designers and engineers optimize product performance, speed up development while reducing prototyping costs, resources and effort.
More and more companies are looking for graduates with that kind of superpower! 

Import your model from your favourite CAD tool into an Ansys simulation tool (we highly recommend Ansys Discovery). Optimize one aspect/component of your design, show how you have analysed and improved it in a short video.

You can download Ansys for free here: Download Ansys Student | Workbench-based Simulation Tools

Just getting started with Ansys? Access our training content here: Ansys Innovation Courses | Ansys Innovation Space

Here’s an example of how to use Ansys Discovery to optimise your design:


Ansys Simulation Challenge Guidelines

It is open to all levels of the competition.

The simulation can be structural OR thermal OR fluid. Dynamic simulation (simulation of parts in motion) is not required.

  • For a structural analysis: choose one component that is subject to a load. Model, analyse and demonstrate design changes to improve performance. E.g. lightweighting while maintaining structural integrity.
  • For a thermal analysis: Choose a part of the device that is directly affected by a source of heat. Model, analyse and demonstrate design changes to improve performance. E.g. change material or layout to improve heat dissipation or insulation.
  • For a fluid analysis: Model the airflow over the entire device. Analyse and demonstrate changes to improve performance. E.g. change shape of components to improve fluid flow.

Ansys Simulation Challenge: Submissions and Scoring


  • 1-2 slide overview of model set up and boundary conditions (with assumptions and estimations).
  • Maximum 3-minute video (see video example above) showing original simulation with results and then redesign with results.
  • The top submission from each regional heat will go through to the finals. Teams can update their video along with their designs to submit for the finals.
Ansys Simulation Challenge Scoring


Winning team members from the National Final will receive a free Ansys Simulation Certification and will be featured in the global Ansys Blog.


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