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Primary Engineer
Primary Engineer® encourages more young people to consider careers in STEM-related professions. Its vision is that girls and boys, from a very early age, will aspire to become designers and makers – the engineers of the future.

Primary Engineer® is looking for engineers willing to work with schools to make engineering fun and exciting for children of all ages.

From judging at events to helping a teacher with an engineering-focused lesson, you will be supported by the Primary Engineer® team to make engineering appeal to children of all ages.

In order to bring a real engineering context to the Primary Engineer® programmes in primary schools, Primary Engineer® looks to link each school with engineers who can both raise the awareness of engineering careers and career paths while supporting teachers and students in the practical aspects of the programme.

How it works

Engineers are invited to attend training sessions to learn more about the programme and meet the teacher who will be delivering the activities in the classroom.

There is a 9.30-11.00am information session. Alternatively engineers can attend the whole day, allowing them to work alongside the teachers in making the vehicles that can be used as exemplars in the classroom.

In addition to new schools and training sessions, we are also working with schools nationally who take part in Primary Engineer® challenges on a regular basis. These schools would welcome the support of engineers; if you would like to get involved and find out about schools in your area please get in contact.


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