Undergraduate scholarships

The Institution has a range of scholarships available to students who are about to commence their Institution-accredited degree. 
These include:

  • IMechE Undergraduate Scholarships
  • IMechE Eaton Undergraduate Scholarship
  • IMechE Land Rover Spen King Sustainability Award

How much are the scholarships worth?

Each scholarship is worth £8,000, with students receiving £2,000 per year for up to four years. This excludes industrial placements. The scholarship is renewable annually, subject to satisfactory progress being made.

IMechE Eaton Undergraduate Scholarship

As part of the IMechE Eaton Undergraduate Scholarship, Eaton may offer a placemthent to the successful award holder, during the award period, who will chosen by the Institution's Selection Committee.

IMechE Land Rover Spen King Sustainability Award

As part of the IMechE Land Rover Spen King Sustainability Award, the successful award holder chosen by the Institution's Selection Committee will be offered a placement with Jaguar Land Rover. An award holder selected to receive this award will enter into discussions relating to this placement directly with the sponsoring company.

Am I eligible?

Open to UK residents about to embark on their Institution-accredited degree programmes in the autumn.

Special conditions for applications

Candidates’ responses to Question 9a or 9b on the application form will be a major element in the selection process.

The IMechE Land Rover Spen King Sustainability Award is available for those who have a particular interest in sustainability. (Applicants must complete Question 9b). 

Scholarship interviews

  • Mandatory for all short listed candidates.
  • Short-listed candidates will be notified by mid-August if they are required to attend an interview, and will be given details of the locations and times of the interviews.
  • Interviews are planned for Thursday 27 August 2020.
  • Unfortunately, if a candidate is not able to attend on one of the specified dates, then an alternative date cannot be arranged.
  • The Institution is able to normally reimburse up to a total maximum of £100 towards travelling expenses to a candidate who has been invited to attend an interview. Candidates are encouraged to be economical in their claim.

How to apply

Closing date for applications is 30 June 2020.

To apply download the application form and reference request form. Please arrange for the reference request form to be sent to your referee:

Have you already commenced your studies and are currently in your first year of an Institution-accredited degree? 

First Year Undergraduate Scholarships are available for Affiliate members of the Institution. Visit our page on First Year Undergraduate Scholarships to find out more.

Have you already commenced your studies and are experiencing financial hardship?

The Institution's Support Network award a number of grants to mechanical engineering students who are in financial difficulty, as well as those who need special equipment in order to complete their studies. Visit Support Network  to find out more.

Have a question?

Contact our Prizes and Awards Team about our awards, scholarships or prizes.