Verena Winifred Holmes Award

Verena Holmes joined the Institution as the first female Member in 1924 representing a welcome breakthrough for equal rights in early 20th century Britain, and a significant moment in the Institution's history.

Previously known as the Equality and Diversity Award, it is intended to recognise those individuals who have achieved by undertaking a unique challenge or experience, perhaps to benefit people from groups with different needs, or with a past record of disadvantage or low participation.  They have stretched the normal boundaries of expectation for the benefit of the wider society.  Embarking upon this approach often requires persistence and courage, which may also be attributes demonstrated by candidates for this award.

The fundamental attribute for this award is that candidates have demonstrated that they 'value difference'. They recognise that innovation is stimulated by embracing diversity, by listening to and respecting the perspective of others, and by constructive engagement and dialogue. The definition for this award is intentionally broad, to allow for a wider pool of potential candidates, who in the widest remit, will have approached these attributes in a variety of situations.

How to apply

Closing date: 31 March 2020

Download and submit the nomination form and any other supporting documents by to:

Karen Frost 
IMechE Prizes and Awards Department 
ASK House 
Northgate Avenue 
Bury St Edmunds 
IP32 6BB 
United Kingdom


£1,500 cash prize plus certificate.


The Award is open to Institution Members of all grades. Candidates are permitted to nominate themselves.

Previous winners

Nominations process

Nominations are considered by the Trustee Board Awards Committee in May and recommendations for awards are forwarded to the Trustee Board for approval in June. 

Successful recipients are notified by the President at the end of June and invited with a guest of their choice to a celebration of their success in London in the Autumn.

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