Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal and George Stephenson Gold Medal

Awards for the best original papers published by the Institution during the past 12 months.

Only one Gold Medal is awarded each year for each award and only if a paper is deemed worthy of the award.  If the prize-winning paper is the work of more than one author, the co-author(s) receives a bronze replica.


The Awards are open to all Institution Members and non-members. Candidates are permitted to nominate themselves.

How to apply

Closing date for applications: 31 March 2020.

Download and submit the application form and any other supporting documents to: 
Karen Frost IMechE Prizes and Awards Department 
ASK House 
Northgate Avenue 
Bury St Edmunds 
IP32 6BB 
United Kingdom


Gold medals to the lead authors, replica bronze medal to co-author(s).

Previous winners

George Stephenson Gold Medal

Thomas Hawksley Gold Medal

Nominations process

Nominations are considered by the Trustee Board Awards Committee in May and recommendations for awards are forwarded to the Trustee Board for approval in June. 

Successful recipients are notified by the President at the end of June and invited with a guest of their choice to a celebration of their success in London in the Autumn.

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