2016 AWARD FOR RISK REDUCTION in mechanical engineering

Daeil Kim, Seibum B Choi and Mooryong Choi

For their paper: ‘Integrated vehicle mass estimation for vehicle safety control using the recursive least-squares method and adaptation laws’, published in the Proceedings Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering 2015 Vol 229(1), 14-24.

The mass of a vehicle can change considerably depending on passengers, luggage and fuel loads. The ability of vehicle dynamic control algorithms to optimise safety features relies on the wheel to ground adhesion through the tyre contact patch, and this in turn is dependent on vehicle mass and surface conditions. Hence, a reliable and rapid estimation of vehicle mass is an important feature in the best operation of vehicle dynamics controllers. The increasing use of safety features for collision avoidance through emergency braking and steering means a growing requirement for, and reliance upon, such vehicle dynamic control algorithms.

This paper describes an integrated set of estimation algorithms that work together combining measures of both longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamic behaviour to give a mass estimation. It is well written and contains the theoretical background of the development of these estimators, develops a simulation environment to investigate their correct function and finally implements them in a trial vehicle to test the application experimentally. It is a well-rounded and complete piece of work representing a significant contribution.

Seibum Choi was pleased to win this award: “I have dedicated my entire career to enhancing vehicle safety and energy efficiency. These are very important topics for the wellness and sustainability of mankind, but are not getting the attention that they deserve. I think this award is very important to draw attention to these seminal topics.  I would like to give thanks to my co-authors for their creativity and many years of hard work.”

“For the automotive industry, it is extremely important to add value with no extra cost. Even though improving safety is a very hot issue, the industry is reluctant to add cost to its products. Since this work provides a cost-free solution, it can be used widely as an essential building block to enhance the performance of vehicle safety systems.”

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