2018 AWARD FOR RISK REDUCTION in mechanical engineering

Professor Jin Wang

Professor Jin Wang for his research into risk reduction, including two specific papers: Collision detection in the UKCS, and Ship/platform collision incident database, both published by HSE Books in 2018

The research developed a risk-based decision support tool for the design and operation of large maritime/mechanical engineering systems such as ships, offshore installations and port terminals. This tool has significantly influenced industrial practice and facilitated the shaping of a risk-based, goal-setting regime for the industry.

The work by Wang and his researchers has been taking place since the early 1990s, and has helped to significantly reduce the risks associated with these large-scale projects. The focus has been to extend risk-based decision making and to develop generic models and methods for knowledge-driven risk assessment and decision analysis of large maritime or mechanical engineering systems.

Many of these models have been developed in collaboration with industrial partners and the produced outcomes have been published jointly with industrial collaborators, and have delivered results in a number of key areas, namely:

  • The design and operation of ships, port terminals, offshore oil and gas installations and offshore wind farms, with a particular focus on maintenance planning, evacuation planning, operational strategy planning and risk control measure selection;
  • Safety and security planning for port terminals, piracy/terrorist related risk evaluation, ship selection decision-making and safety management; and
  • The updating of maritime safety regulations associated with maritime system design and operation, ship accident investigations and other human and organisational factors.

“I am honoured to be nominated for the Award for Risk Reduction in Mechanical Engineering, and I am really thrilled to receive this prize. I would like to give thanks to my researchers and collaborators for their creativity and many years of hard work. The award will help me to further develop my fundamental and applied research in order to generate more impact in the academic community as well as the industrial sector

“Risk reduction in mechanical engineering systems is a continuing and challenging task because there are always new risks being posed by ever-changing technology. Future generations are encouraged to spend more effort and time in addressing this important engineering research area where a multi-disciplinary holistic approach needs to be developed, tested and applied.”

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