Tribology Bronze Medal

The Bronze Medal was established in 1972 and encourages early career tribologists.

Recognising that eligible candidates will currently have a limited contribution to tribology, the assessment is based on factors such as: originality of contribution, from work in progress or already completed; publications / patents / technical documentation, including internal company reports; outreach activities; career achievements, e.g. awards and prizes; relevance of education / training and the potential for a high-profile career in tribology.

The Bronze Medal is awarded annually. Under exceptional circumstances more than one medal may be awarded (up to a maximum of two).  

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Have you got what it takes?

Tribology occurs in STEMM subjects including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Medical applications. You may be working in the field of tribology and not realise it! For example:

  • how to transfer loads between moving parts
  • how to design bearings for different kinds of relative motion
  • why lubrication is necessary and how lubricants work
  • which materials make good partners
  • why friction is sometimes a friend
  • how joints and lubrication work in living creatures
  • how moving parts survive in hostile environments
  • how to improve reliability and reduce the environmental impact of machinery
  • molecular modelling
  • imaging or microscopy
  • static surface contact

If you think this award could be for you, then see below for details.


For those who have not yet completed their formal training and/or are participating in formal study for a recognised qualification such as HNC/D, Bachelors, Masters or PhD. Candidates may be from industry or academia and may be full or part-time.

There are no restrictions on gender, age or nationality. However, the applicant must be either resident or working/studying in the UK when the contribution under consideration was made. Career gaps for whatever reason will be set aside and ignored.

Value of Award

  • Bronze Medal

Application process

Applications will only be accepted on the official nomination form. Candidates may self-nominate but they must have the support of at least one suitable referee, e.g. tutor, employer or supervisor. 

There will be a stage in everyone’s career when nomination for other IMechE tribology awards will be more appropriate. If you are unsure which is the right path for you then please email Jade Reid for further guidance.

Closing Date: 31 May 2024

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