Herbert Akroyd Stuart Prize

Awarded to papers published or achievement in the field of the origin and development of heavy oil engines, published by the Institution during the previous year.


  • Open to members and non-members, worldwide.

Award conditions

  • The Group considers nominations and applications from individuals and agrees who should be offered the prize/award, details of which are sent to the Prizes and Awards Committee in May each year, for overall approval.
  • Once approved arrangements are made for the Group to present the prize/award.

Value of award

  • Certificate.

Application process

Closing date: Date of next award to be confirmed.

  • Third party and self nominations are permitted.

Nominations should be sent to membernetworks@imeche.org.

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Award winners

2020 Prize winner: Daniel Neumann

For the paper - "Diesel combustion control via digital rate shaping with modern fuel injection systems" by D Neumann et al.

Herbert Akroyd Stuart Prize 2020 winner Daniel Neumann and colleagues
Daniel Neumann with his fellow authors: From left to right: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger (VKA RWTH Aachen), Thomas Körfer (FEV Group), Daniel Neumann (FEV Consulting GmbH, before VKA RWTH Aachen) and Dr.-Ing. Joschka Schaub (FEV Europe GmbH)

Summary of paper

This publication discusses various possible applications of the digital combustion rate shaping control concept (DiCoRS).

In a first step, the control approach was used to realize an automatic identification and optimized calibration of complex fuel injection strategies on an engine test bench.

In a second step, the concept has been investigated in combination with second-generation synthetic fuels, so-called e-fuels with a high alcohol content. It could be demonstrated that the DiCoRS principle can cope with the different combustion behavior of the fuels by adjusting the injection strategy appropriately during engine operation.

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