Most Distinguished Achievement Award

Recognising outstanding academic and/or professional contributions to improving life through advances in mechanical process engineering.

The award, given by our Process Industries Division, aims to foster and encourage mechanical process engineering research, management and other professional activities and to recognize, in a substantial manner, the value of the contributions to the benefit of mankind.


  • Open to members and non-members worldwide.

Award criteria

Nominations will be assessed on the extent to which the achievement and contribution will dovetail with the vision of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. In this connection we will look for the associated impacts towards resolving the prevailing issues that we are all facing today.

This includes but not limited to:

  • sustainable use of resources
  • pollution mitigation
  • wealth creation
  • health and safety to enhance the well being of our society
  • easing of the pressure on the demand of resources for the required service provisions.

Value of award 

  • Certificate.

Application process

Closing date: 25 March 2024

Award winners

2021 Prize Winner: Dr Tim Fox (Process Industries Division)

The Process Industries Division has awarded Tim Fox for the Most Distinguished Achievement Award 2021. Tim has made and continues to make an outstanding contribution to mechanical engineering at national and international levels in areas such as climate change, energy and environmental issues. His efforts have influenced policy makers at a high level and raised the profile of mechanical engineering thus capturing the attention and respect of the engineering community and wider public as a whole.

Some comments from judges include:

  • Given the influential work and contributions that Tim has offered at national and international levels in the hot subjects such as climate change, energy and environmental in the context of the challenges not only to the mechanical engineering profession but also the entire engineering and technology sector too, he has indeed given his best with outstanding impact on policy makers at the very senior level. In doing so he has also raised the profile of Mechanical Engineering to a beaming platform capturing the attention and respect not only of the engineering community but the wider public as a whole.
  • This is not to mention the exemplary leadership that Tim has demonstrated in guiding and directing his team in the various board roles that he undertook in organisations of the engineering industry, learning society and the consultancy sector.
  • Tim has lived out a career life of Most Outstanding Achievement, and indeed deserves the award as such!
  • Tim thoroughly deserves the recognition associated with this award.

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