Duncan Dowson Prize

Awarded to the author of the best paper of Part H of the Proceedings of IMechE in the previous 12 months.

Part H publishes research encompassing all aspects of engineering in medicine.


  • Members and non-members, worldwide.

Value of award

  • Certificate

Application process

Closing date: Date of next award to be confirmed.

Award winners

  • 2021 - Carola S König, Mark Atherton, Marco Cavazzuti, Corinna Gomm and Sudarshan Ramachandran, Paper: The association of peak systolic velocity in the carotid artery with coronary heart disease: A study based on portable ultrasound
  • 2020 - Javier Tobella, Vicente Pons-Beltran, Alberto Santonja, Carlos Sanchez, Alberto J Campillo-Fernandez, Ana Vidaurre, Paper: Analysis of the 'Endworm' prototypes ability to grip the bowel in in vitro and ex vivo models
  • 2019 - Awaz Ali; Aimee Sakes, Ewout A Arkenbout, Paul Henselmans, Remi van Starkenburg,Tamas Szill-Torok, Paul Breedueld, Paper: Catheter steering in interventional cardiology: Mechanical analysis and novel solution
  • 2018 - Megan Hadley, Catherine Hardaker, Graham Isaac & John Fisher, Paper: Wear of different materials for total hip replacement under adverse stop-dwell-start in vitro wear simunation conditions
  • 2017 - Michael Bryant and Anne Neville, Paper: Fretting Corrosion of CoCr alloys: Effect of load and displacement on the degradation mechanisms - Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine
  • 2016 - MA Shandiz, P Boulos, SK Saevarsson, S Yoo, s Miller and C Anglin, Paper: Changes in knee kinematics following total knee arthroplasty, Part H, Journal of Engineering in Medicine
  • 2014 - Andrew Evans, Henrietta Horton, Anthony Unsworth and Adam Briscoe, Paper: The influence of nominal stress on wear-factors of CFR-PEEK (PEEK-OPTIMA® Wear Performance) against ZTA (Biolox® delta ceramic)
  • 2013 - Jan-M Brandt, Trevor C Gascoyne, Leah E Guenther, Andrew Allen, David R Hedden, Thomas R Turgeon, Eric R Bohm, Paper: Clinical Failure Analysis of contemporary ceramic-on-ceramic total hip replacements
  • 2012 - Malachy J O’Rourke, James P McCullough and Sinead Kelly Paper: An investigation of the relationship between hemodynamics and thrombus deposition within patient-specific models of abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • 2011 - D C Batterbee, N D Sims, W Becker, K Worden, and J Rowson, Paper: Computational model of an infant brain subjected to periodic motion simplified modelling and bayesian sensitivity analysis
  • 2010 - Yoshino D and Inoue K, Paper: Design method of self-expanding stents suitable for the patient's condition
  • 2009 - L C Kuo, J H Chang, C F Lin, H Y Hsu, K Y Ho, F C Su, Paper: Jar-opening challenges. Part 2: estimating the force-generating capacity of thumb muscles in healthy young adults during jar-opening tasks. L-C Kuo, J-H Chang, C-F Lin, H-Y Hsu, K-Y Ho, F-C Su. Proc IMechE, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine
  • 2008 - J A Kaupp and S D Walderman, Paper: Mechanical vibrations increase the proliferation of articular chondrocytes in high-density culture
  • 2007 - A Armillotta, P Bonhoeffer, G Dubini, S Ferragina, F Migliavacca, G Sala and S Schievano, Paper: Use of Rapid Prototyping in Planning of Percutaneous Pulmonary Valved Stent Implantation
  • 2006 - I Catelas, P A Campbell, J D Bobyn, J B Medley and O L Huk, Paper Wear particles from metal-on-metal total hip replacements: effects of implant design and implantation time
  • 2005 - D. Rekow and V. P. Thompson, Paper: H07104
  • 2004 - Dr Ruth Wilcox, Paper: The Biochemicals of Vertibroplasty: A Review
  • 2001 - C R Gentle, W Z Golinski and F Heitplatz, Paper: Computational studies of "whiplash" injuries

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