Construction and Building Services Division Prize

Award conditions

An annual prize to be awarded to an individual or group that the Division has judged to have made a contribution in one or more of:

  • Execution
  • Promotion
  • Advancement of the art of engineering and science of building services and construction.

The Prize will normally be presented at one of the Division’s autumn technical events to maximise the participation in, and the promotion of, the prize to members. The Division will encourage the prize recipient to make a presentation of their achievements to members at an appropriate event at or within six months of receiving the Prize.

Number of Awards: normally 1

Value of awards

One or more recipients can be chosen up to the £1,000 budget allocation.  NB - no prize should be less than £100.

How to enter

Submit your nominations by 1 August 2019 to

For further information on the Prizes and Awards please email

2016 winner - Jo Harris

The CBSD annual award 2016 was presented to Jo Harris  for her work on sustainable construction and leadership on new guidance on the maintenance of mechanical engineering systems in buildings.

Her presentation to members at the award event at IMeche headquarters on 12 October 2017 highlighted the opportunities for engineers – and particularly female engineers in construction -  as new and demanding challenges emerged toward net zero carbon engineered solutions and the ongoing performance and maintenance of the equipment involved.

On the subject of facilities management input to design and construction Jo described her leadership on the application of Soft Landings and BIM as the mechanisms on projects.

Jo said:

“An exciting aspect for BIM is to generate a single piece of information which can be used 100 times. With the potential to strip the waste from processes and achieving right first time operation that meets the needs of users. Giving us better buildings, with clear operational efficiencies, which represent the best whole life value. A well-performing building is not just a physical product, but the outcome of a successful enterprise. There is a need to change attitudes, habits and processes which BIM and Soft Landings’ can help with.”

She lead the authoring of the recently published CIBSE Guide M, which is available from CIBSE knowledge portal and can be purchased direct from CIBSE or BSRIA.

The Construction and Building Services Division Prize (Serial 284) is funded from The General Fund.

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