Viscount Weir Prize

The Viscount Weir Prize is funded from the General Fund.

Trust conditions

The Viscount Weir Fund was founded by a gift of £10,000 from Rt Hon William Douglas Viscount Weir PC GCB LLD in 1953.


To be applied for any one or more of:

  1. Prize(s) for technical contributions by graduates or students or both on subject(s) to be determined by the Trustee Board.
  2. Charitable purposes of the Students' Aid Fund
  3. Charitable purposes of any graduates' sections.

Award conditions 

  • Awarded for technical contributions submitted by Affiliates, Associates and those Members who have been professionally registered for 10 years or less and read before a local meeting of the Institution, provided that the paper/contribution is of sufficient merit.
  • The meeting is to be held and arranged by a Divisional Centre, of which the competitors are Members
  • Number of Awards: 1st prize and 2nd prize.

Value of Awards

  • 1st prize £100 
  • 2nd prize £50.

How to apply

If you would like to apply or nominate someone for this award please send your entry by 18 March 2019 to


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