Most Distinguished Achievement Award

Presented by the Process Industries Division 

Prize: £2,000 and certificate

The Process Industries Division is pleased to award the Most Distinguished Achievement Award.

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Award conditions

  1. Award of the prize represents recognition of outstanding academic and/or professional contributions to improving life through advances in mechanical process engineering.
  2. The aim is to foster and encourage mechanical process engineering research, management and other professional activities and to recognize, in a substantial manner, the value of the contributions to the benefit of mankind.
  3. The monetary value of the Prize is: £2,000 max.
Act now. Get your application in to make sure you do not miss the submission deadline of 18 March 2019. 

Please refer to the guidance notes below.

Nominations will be assessed on the extent to which the achievement and contribution will dovetail with the vision of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. In this connection we will look for the associated impacts towards resolving the prevailing issues that we are all facing today.

This includes but not limited to sustainable use of resources, pollution mitigation, wealth creation, health and safety to enhance the well being of our society and easing of the pressure on the demand of resources for the required service provisions.