Joseph Bramah Medal

The Joseph Bramah medal (Serial 205) is funded from The General Fund. 

Trust Conditions

The Joseph Bramah Fund was established in 1968 at the instigation of Mr Frank Towler, a Fellow of the Institution (1932-1977), who arranged for its support by industry to commemorate Joseph Bramah, the inventor of a patent lock, the hydraulic press and other inventions concerned with pumps, water supply and the production of pipes and tubes by the extrusion process.

For the grant of scholarships and the annual award of a medal.

Award Conditions

A bronze medal and a cheque to be awrded for some outstanding achievement tending to advance the science of mechanical engineering, particularly in the field of hydraulic engineering.

Number of awards: 1 per annum
Value of award: £600 + bronze medal

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Previous winners


Professor Kim Stelson, University of Minnesota.


Professor Huayong Yang, Director of the State Key Lab for Fluid Power Transmission and Control at Zhejiang University, China.


Professor Andrew Plummer, Director of the Centre for Power Transmission and Motion Control, University of Bath


John Savage, the National Fluid Power Centre at North Nottinghamshire College, for his outstanding contribution to fluid power education and training.


Professor Win Rampen, Artemis Intelligent Power and University of Edinburgh, for his development of Digital Displacement hydraulic pumps and motors.


Professor Richard T. Burton, University of Saskatchewan, for an outstanding contribution to fluid power research and education.


No award


Professor Shinichi Yokota, Tokyo Institute of Technology, for outstanding contributions to fluid power research, particularly in the field of microhydraulic actuation and control.


Professor Rudolf Scheidl, Johannes Kepler University, in recognition of his fundamental and applied research into mechatronic systems and hydraulic drives.


Professor Monika Ivantysynova, Purdue University, for outstanding commitment to international fluid power research and education, particularly in the field of hydrostatic pumps and motors.


Professor Siegfried Helduser, Technical University of Dresden, in recognition of his numerous contributions to the development of the fluid power industry through his research, teaching and professional activities.


Dr Peter Achten, Innas BV in recognition of his exceptional innovation in the field of fluid power.


Professor Serge Scavarda, INSA Lyon, for his work in fluid power, particularly his contributions to pneumatics coupled with his seminal research in Bond Graphs and his work on inverse design.


Professor Matti J. Vilenius, Head of IHA TUT / IHA, for 'Outstanding Achievement Particularly in the Field of Hydraulic Engineering'.


Prof Hans-Heinrich Harms, Director of the Institute Für Landmaschinen und Fluidtechnik, Technical University, Braunschweig, Germany. As the result of Prof Harms' outstanding technical ability and his excellent leadership, the Institute is the leading Centre in Germany for research into Agricultural Machinery and more generally in the area of construction machines.


Mr Roy Cuthbert AMIMechE


Mr John Bentley, for outstanding achievements in the advancement of high pressure hydraulics and water-based fluid components and systems.


Prof Murrenhoff, for his internationally renowned research in the field of fluid power engineering.


No award


Professor J Watton CEng FIMechE


M D Kelley


Professor Jan-Ove Palmberg


Mr N Way BSc, for outstanding service to the industry.


Dr W Dieter, for his key role in the growth of the Fluid Power Industry


P J Wilson, for his contribution to the Fluid Power Industry.


Professor C Burrows FREng CEng FIMechE, for his achievements in the field of hydraulics.


R Koski, for his contribution to the resurgence of interest in Fluid Power in the USA and Beyond.


Professor Dr Ing W Backe, for his achievement in the field of hydraulics.


Dr K A Edge CEng FIMechE, for his contributions to the Science of Fluid Power.


G Allison, for his continuous effort over the past several years towards the eradication of leaks from hydraulics.


R B Walters CEng FIMechE, for his activity in the hydraulic industry since 1954, resulting in over 40 patented inventions, writing three editions of a textbook on ‘Hydraulic & Electro-Hydraulic Control Systems’, and writing the software modelling & simulation program used in industry and as a teaching aid.


R E Knight FCGI BSc, for a lifetime’s work promoting pneumatics in industry


F B Levetus OBE CEng FIMechE, for his contribution to advancing the Science of Mechanical Engineering, particularly in the field of Hydraulic Mechanisms, Hydrostatic Transmission and Servomechanisms.


F Nosworthy, for his services to the hydraulics industry.


G C Knight, for his work with the National Coal Board in developing a testing laboratory. For his work on the BS, ISO and IMECO Committees and for his work with fire resistant hydraulic fluids for mining applications.


No award


M J Fisher, for his work on hydraulic research with BHRA


F W Baggett CEng FIMechE for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of mechanical engineering, particularly in hydraulics


D Bick BSc MIMechE for his outstanding contributions to the advancement of mechanical engineering, particularly in hydraulics. ;


E H Bowers CEng FIMechE for his contributions to the development of piston pumps ad hydrostatic transmissions, power matched systems, and directional control valves and for his work on national and international standardisation in the fluid power industry.


Professor D E Bowns CEng MIMechE for his contributions to the development of education if the field of fluid power engineering.


No award


P M M Price BSc ACGI CEng FIMechE for his contributions to mechanical engineering by way of an elastohydrodynamic slipper pad which has improved the volumetric efficiency of an axial piston pump currently in production.


J G Keenan BSc CEng FIMechE FRAeS for outstanding achievements in the study of hydraulic mechanisms including hydraulic power transmission components and controls.


C M Edgehill BSc for his contributions to developments within the fluid power industry


Professor W M J Schlosser for work in the field of analogue models for comparative testing and evaluation of all forms of power transmissions using one and the same mathematical model.


R H Y Hancock CEng MIMechE for his contribution in the field of hydrostatic drives


K Foster MA PhD CEng MIMechE for his distinguished contributions to research and to the understanding and application of his researches in the fluid power industry.


G P Copping, "Automatic Letter Facing" and "Stacking and Destacking Letters"


No award


B Lengyel PhD DipIng CEng MIMechE and Professor J M Alexander BSc PhD DSc CEng FIMechE, "Design of a Production Machine for Semi-continuous Hydrostatic Extrusion"

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