IMechE Bulk Materials Handling Award for Innovation

Funded from the Trust for Education and Research.

Award conditions

To raise the profile of bulk materials handling technology and to reward instances of research, development or design which enhances the technology.

The Award will be presented to the author of the best paper relating to bulk materials handling technology, presented in the preceding year.

IMechE reserves the right to withhold the Award in any year, if the Awarding Committee do not believe there is a worthy candidate amongst the submissions received in that year.

Award value

  • An annual award of £250 plus certificate.


Engineers, scientists, students, researchers and academic staff, are all eligible for the award.

  • Candidates must be prepared to agree to IMechE publicising an extract of the content of the papers and the announcement of the names of the winner and runners up.

Work eligible for consideration

  • The work will be judged on the basis of a single publication submitted to the IMechE for consideration
  • The publication must be in English and have been published either in the UK or in an international forum
  • The publication must have been put into the public domain within the specified timescale. This would be within the preceding year
  • Publications will preferably take the form of a refereed journal/conference paper, although a thesis may be considered, as may an un-refereed publication if it demonstrates a high level of quality and significance in its content
  • It must be on research, developments or design that enhances some aspect of the engineering of bulk materials handling equipment, or takes, in some way, the technology beyond previous limits
  • It must be original and be able to be demonstrated to be the work of the candidate submitting the work. The awarding body reserves the right to interview candidates to establish this is the case
  • The submission must be accompanied by a letter of support from the candidate’s manager or supervisor stating that it is the work of the candidate alone or where there has been a significant input by others, identifying that part of the work which is the candidate’s alone.

Link to the United Kingdom

There must be a strong relevance to UK practice. This will normally mean it meets any one or more of the following conditions, although work not fulfilling any of these criteria will be considered if it can be demonstrated that there is a strong relevance to UK practice:

  • The candidate to be a UK national, working anywhere in the world
  • The work to have been undertaken in the UK by a national of any country
  • The work to have been performed for a UK on-shore application

The Trustee Board Awards Committee reserve the right to relax or amend all or any of the terms of the Award without notice, where they consider it is in the interest of the Institution or the discipline to do so.

How to apply

If you would like to apply or nominate someone for this Award please send your entry by 18 March 2019 to

Previous winners

2017 Powder Blending, Michele Marigo

For his paper on "Using a Freeman FT4 Rheometer and Electrical Capacitance Tomography to Assess Powder Blending". Michele’s expertise includes manufacturing science technology, materials science, particle engineering and powder processing, discrete element modelling and finite element modelling.

2016 GEMM Database, Dr David Curry

Dr David Curry created a GEMM Database containing thousands of unique material models spanning a wide range of bulk material characteristics. Read more about Dr Curry's project and work.

2015 Graviload, Loadfast Systems

LoadFast Systems integrated several key aspects into the Graviload, including solids handling, material properties, FEA, DEM, controlling velocity and tackling dust generation.

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