Frederic Barnes Waldron Best Student Award

This award is administered by the Awards Department on behalf of the IMechE Regions but is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of Department.

What is the Frederic Barnes Waldron Best Student Award?

The award takes the form of a certificate and bronze medal. This award is for an individual student and cannot be split. One award is made per university.

Is your student eligible?

The award is made each academic year to an undergraduate (i.e. someone who is studying for their first degree), who is considered to be the ‘Best Student’ who is an IMechE Affiliate Member and who will be awarded an IMechE accredited degree.  To check whether a student is an Affiliate member please contact the IMechE Membership team on 0845 2269191.

How can I nominate a student?

Nominations are to be received from the Head of Department.

Have a question?

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