Donald Julius Groen Prize

The Donald Julius Groen Prize (Serial 215) is funded from The General Trust Fund.

Trust Conditions

A Bequest (£28,123) under the Will of the late Donald Julius Groen, member 1944 to 1966. £10,000 of the Bequest was to be spent in arranging a place near the Library or in the building where members may help themselves to tea at a small cost or free of charge.  The remainder of the Bequest was to be spent on "...any object consonant with the Charter of the Institution and preferably in such a manner that my name should remain attached to it".

Award Conditions

Prizes awarded by the appropriate Division/Group Committees to the authors of outstanding papers or for outstanding achievements in the Group's sphere of activity, provided the papers or achievements are of a sufficiently high standard to warrant the award of an IMechE prize.

Number of Awards: 1

Value of Awards: £250

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