Are you promoting mechanical engineering and professional development of Young Members through a group technical visit in the UK or internationally?

The James Bates Grant is an IMechE trust fund administered by the Young Members Board (YMB) Executive Committee.  Grants may be made by the YMB to promote mechanical engineering and professional development of Young Members of the Institution through technical visits in the UK or internationally. The grant is to cover half the cost of the visit, in return for a technical report.

The grant is a great way to explore elements of mechanical engineering that you may not get to in your everyday activity. Technical visits can also help reinforce your passion for engineering and demonstrate why engineering is a worthwhile and rewarding career.

Significantly, the outputs from grants can be used to demonstrate the vastness and rewarding nature of a mechanical engineers profession. It is a learning opportunity not just for those involved on the trip, but for those they inform.

Who is eligible to apply for the grant?

You can apply for the James Bates Grant if you are a Young Member of the Institution. The Institution considers a Young Member to be any Affiliate, Associate or Member who has become professionally registered within the last ten years. All members attending the visit/tour should come under this definition of a Young Member and this includes Young Members in the UK and internationally.

This is a group award, therefore we would expect applications to come from a lead applicant on behalf of a group of young members intending to attend technical meetings and industrial visits arranged by Young Members' Panels, Sections, Divisions or Student Chapters.

If you have received, or attended a visit/tour funded by the James Bates Grant in the last two years, then unfortunately you would not be eligible to attend or apply until two years have passed from the date of the last award.

What can I use the money for?

The grant is to cover up to 50% of the costs of travel, accommodation and meals of those Young Members of the Institution who attend a technical visit/tour.

Young Members of the Institution attending industrial visits must contribute to the remaining 50% of the cost of their place.

Will I be expected to do anything else after I have received the grant?

If successful, we would ask all young members attending the visit/tour to collectively complete a report detailing the nature of the work undertaken and how attending the visit/tour has worked to promote mechanical engineering and the professional development of the attending young members.

Each year we also feature a number of award holders and their reports in the Institution's promotional materials and, to this end, you may be contacted following your visit. We would therefore be interested in seeing any photos you take on the visit so we can include these in such materials. It is also hoped that you will acknowledge the contribution made by the Institution towards your activity.

Are there any other conditions attached to the grant?

Yes. The costs in the application should be as accurate as possible and should represent good value for money. Your application should show a breakdown of these costs and you should keep all proof of expenditure, as we may ask for these following the visit/tour.

As we can only ever fund 50% of the total actual cost under this scheme, we would expect to receive receipts that would cover twice the grant amount. If the total expenditure shown on the receipts is less than the expected expenditure, we will require you to return any unspent funds to us with your final report.

If the application is successful payment will be issued to the application coordinator as listed on the application form

The James Bates Grant should be used to fund a visit which has not already happened; we cannot retrospectively fund visits/tours which have already taken place, so please ensure there is sufficient time between the submission of the application and the planned start date of the visit/tour.

Finally, all grants must be made in line with the general strategy set by the Trustee Board of the Institution.

How to apply?

If you would like to apply for the James Bates Grant then please download and complete an application form and send by email to youngmembers@imeche.org 

When is the deadline?

Applications are ongoing.

When will I receive a response to my application?

We aim to respond to applicants within 30 days of receipt of their application.

For more information contact youngmembers@imeche.org or +44 (0)207 973 1252.

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