A R Bennett/C S Lake Award

The Alred Rosling Bennett Premium/Charles S Lake Award (Serial 314) is funded from the Trust for Education and Research

Trust Conditions

Bequest (£100) under the Will of the late A F Bennett (1928), confirming a Fund established in 1913. Augmented by a later gift from Mr W G Tilling (a co-founder member of ILocoE with Mr Bennett). The second prize fund was founded in 1951 by a donation (£250) from the Railway Gazette, made in 1943 in memory of C S Lake. The original intention had been to found a Library for ILocoE. Mr C S Lake was a member of ILocoE from 1914-1942. These two prizes have been amalgamated and the titles may be used either alternatively or in combination.

Award Conditions

Awarded to the author or authors of a meritorious paper on the subject of Railway Engineering by Corporate or Non-Corporate Members of the Institution or for a contribution or for achievement in that field. Open to members and non-members of the Institution.

Number of Awards: 1


Value of Awards:

One or more can be chosen up to the £1,000 budget allocation from the following 5 Prize Serials:

(N.B. No prize should be less than £100).

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