Advanced Apprenticeship Provider of the Year Award

Apply for this new award and demonstrate your commitment to your apprentices and EngTech registration.

EngTech registration – EngTech MIMechE – shows employers, colleagues and society that your employees’ skills and experience are of the highest standard.

The Advanced Apprenticeship Provider of the Year Award recognises the significant role employers and educators have in promoting EngTech registration. From encouraging young people in their apprenticeship to supporting them to be EngTech registered your role is crucial.

As an employer or college/training provider providing an Advanced Apprenticeship you are giving your apprentices a strong foundation as they enter the world of engineering. As they complete their apprenticeship and start their journey to professional registration your continued support is vital in enabling them to produce work to the highest standard.

The Awards criteria

As an organisation you should have:

  • have an Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme
  • make a significant contribution to encouraging young people into engineering
  • promote the importance of EngTech registration
  • demonstrate achievements in your apprenticeship/graduate schemes
  • invest in outreach activities to further encourage young people into an engineering career

    Outreach activities can includes school visits, competitions, talks, design and construct activities, work experience, work with youth groups, community activities and company tours.

How will we be recognised?

The winner will receive a plaque and certificate. The organisation will also benefit from the industry-wide recognition gained by winning this prestigious award.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any organisation which has an engineering Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme.

How to apply?

Closing date is 30 June 2020. Download and submit the appliction form to:

Karen Frost 
ASK House 
IMechE Prizes and Awards Department 
Northgate Avenue 
Bury St Edmunds 
IP32 6BB

Applications can be made by an employee, or colleagues in the engineering community who have knowledge of your achievements as an organisation. The application can be for the whole organisation or a department or team.

500 words of supporting copy are required to enter the award with accompanying photographic or diagrammatic evidence and third party endorsement if appropriate.

The nomination should identify the contribution made by the organisation, department or team in promoting the important contribution apprentices and EngTech registration make to the workplace. This could include apprentice and graduate schemes and educational outreach activities. You should include information on the age groups targeted and evidence of successful outcomes.

The application must be signed by a sponsor who supports the application.

Have a question?

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