Armed forces or MoD

Armed forces or MoD

Talent Retention Solution

If you're an experienced engineer that has served in the armed forces or at the Ministry of Defence and are looking to deploy your skill set in another industry, there are plenty of job opportunities to explore on the Talent Retention Solution (TRS) website.

How TRS can benefit you

  • Direct contact

    • TRS can put you in direct contact with companies searching for new employees with specific skills that you may hold
  • User-friendly online service

    • If you are in the job market, either because of redundancy or another reason, the online system provides a user-friendly way of marketing yourself directly to prospective employers

Need some help?

Contact Defence Liaison Officer Lara Mallett if you have any questions about joining us as a member of the Armed Forces or MoD.

Armed Forces Training Scheme

Armed Forces Training Scheme 

Carefully selected training courses, exclusive to members of the armed forces, which allow you to utilise your Standard Learning Credits should you choose to.

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