How to submit a paper to the Trustee Board

If you would like to submit a paper to the Trustee Board you will need to follow the guidelines below.

All papers should be submitted to the Trustee Office for quality review a minimum of 20 days prior to the Trustee Board. They should consist of an executive summary of no more than two pages long with any supporting documentation or reports as attachments.

The Executive Summary should be laid out in the following way: 


This will be “Trustee Board -" followed by the date of the Trustee Board. 

Sub Title

The topic of the paper and the grade of its importance.

1. Sponsor

The Paper must bear the name of the attendee at the Trustee Board who has taken the subject through a sub-Board, or someone else who has performed due diligence, and will present the paper.   

2. Recommendation

This should specify the action that the trustee board is required to make, e.g. approval of the plans.

3. Prior Work

Details of the sub-Board discussions and supporting information used for the sub-Board to form its view – attached as Appendices.

4. Key points

A brief summary of the key points, which should include:

  • the detailed Strategic Objective(s) that the work supports
  • a risk register related to accepting the recommendation
  • any legal or Governance issues associated with the work
  • the opportunity costs of rejecting the recommendation.

5. Resources

Details of the resource implications.

The above format also applies to annual reviews of sub-Boards to ensure that they respond to the business plan rather than being a catalogue of work done over the year.

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