How we are governed

Energy, Environment and Sustainability Group Board

To minimise travel, energy use and CO2 emissions, and to facilitate participation by members who are busy and/or located away from London, the Board seeks to implement the effective use of 21st century communications technologies, while not forgetting the importance of face-to-face-meetings. These  include:

  • a virtual office
  • social media
  • online and audio-conferencing
  • web forums
  • file sharing
  • telephone
  • voice-over-internet protocol.

Rupert Blackstone - Chair

Michael Reid - Vice Chair

Ian Arbon

Nick Bristow

Hannah Chambers

Robin Halsey

Maged Hanna

Daniel Kenning

Roger May

Roger Middleton

Tom Pendry

Andre Pinho

Paul Pitcher

Gavin Poyntz

Brian Robinson

Ernie Shelton

Roger Singleton

Alex Waterfield

Daphne Wassermann

Working groups for specific activities

Ad hoc working groups are created to arrange specific activities or to address specific tasks. These groups will comprise at least one member of the Board of EESG, plus other people as appropriate, and will report directly to the EESG Board. Working groups are made up of Institution members and others drawn from outside the Institution, with appropriate expertise.

The Board seeks to always have at least one, and ideally more, members who are also members of the Young Members. The Board seeks to maximise the opportunities for YMB members, and younger members generally, to participate in EESG activities through the working groups.

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