Filtration Prize

The Filtration and Separation Prize (Serial 304) is funded from the Trust for Education and Research.

Trust Conditions:

The Filtration and Separation Prize Fund was founded in 1955 by Mr Cecil Gordon Vokes (Fellow), with a donation of £1,000.

To encourage research in the science of Engineering. A Prize for the best paper on filtration or allied subjects, including but not restricted to filtration of solids from fluids, separation of dust particles from fluids by electrostatic or other means, research into particle size analysis and research into such matters.

Award Conditions:

A prize to be awarded for the best paper on any aspect of filtration or separation published by the Institution in the previous year or for a contribution or for achievement in that field.

Number of Awards: 1 


Value of Awards:

One or more can be chosen up to the £1,000 budget allocation from the following 3 Prize Serials:

(N.B. No prize should be less than £100).

If you would like to apply or nominate someone for this award please send your entry by 31 March 2018 to

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